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A Disappointing Experience at The Earl of Pitt Street Gastropub

A recent visit to The Earl of Pitt Street gastropub in Newcastle left me with mixed feelings. As a regular patron of this establishment, it had always been one of my favorite eateries, but this particular visit turned out to be a far cry from our previous experiences. Joining our long-time friends for a night of good food, drink, and laughter, we were hopeful for an enjoyable evening. However, the combination of an inexperienced waitress and a lack of customer service from the manager left us feeling disappointed and unwilling to return anytime soon.

Warm Gatherings and a Promising Start: Meeting up with two other couples, we settled into the cozy ambiance of the gastropub. We started the night with drinks downstairs before moving upstairs to our table. Laughter and excitement filled the air as we prepared for the good times ahead.

An Unsettling Encounter with the Waitress: Our optimism quickly waned when we were greeted by a waitress who appeared disoriented and inexperienced. Taking our drink orders was a struggle, and her lack of attentiveness was evident. We patiently placed our food orders, but her confusion persisted, resulting in incorrect orders and items missing from the list. Despite her assurance, it was clear that our dining experience might encounter some hurdles.

A Disappointing Start: Lackluster Starters: After a prolonged wait, the starters finally arrived, but not without some unexpected items we had not ordered. The calamari, usually a favorite, was a letdown. The small ramekin contained a scanty serving of tasteless, over-battered squid rings, leaving us disappointed and underwhelmed.

Main Course Chaos: As the mains were served, the situation took a turn for the worse. Incorrect dishes reached our table, and some of our friends were left waiting for their meals while the rest of us began eating. Requests for corrections went unnoticed, leading to further delays and inconvenience. Despite the sea bass with chorizo stew and mash being a standout dish, the overall dining experience was marred by the service.

Unimpressive Customer Service and Management: The lack of an apology or any semblance of accountability from the manager further dampened our spirits. Instead of addressing our concerns with professionalism, we were met with dismissive responses and excuses. The waitress remained behind the bar, and our request for coffee or desserts was entirely ignored.

An Unsatisfying End: After repeatedly asking for the bill, we were finally directed downstairs to settle it. The person behind the bar struggled to find our bill, and when the manager eventually arrived, we received no genuine apology or attempt to make amends for the shortcomings of the evening. Her approach to customer service left us feeling unappreciated and frustrated.

Conclusion: While The Earl of Pitt Street gastropub has been a cherished spot for us in the past, this visit was a major letdown. The typically fantastic food couldn't compensate for the woeful service and management, resulting in a disappointing and disheartening experience. As much as I'd love to give this place another chance, I can't see myself returning anytime soon. I hope the gastropub can address its shortcomings and regain the charm that once made it a favorite among locals and regular patrons.



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