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Central Bark - Dog Training

Central Bark Dog Training at Whitehouse Farm Stannington

I recently had the pleasure of enrolling my Old English Bulldog, Winston, in the dog training classes at Central Bark. Situated at Whitehouse Farm Stannington, this facility is run by Susan, who offers a range of classes for puppies, advanced puppies, older dogs, and even provides one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your own home. Having heard that Old English Bulldogs can be stubborn and challenging to train, my partner and I decided to opt for professional training from an early age.

From the moment we stepped into the training facility, it was evident that Susan's expertise and passion for dog training were exceptional. She displayed a remarkable understanding of puppies, covering everything from basic commands to boosting owners' confidence in allowing their dogs off the leash. But it didn't stop there; Susan went above and beyond by offering practical advice on various aspects of dog care, including feeding, sleep routines, toilet training, teething solutions, and even homemade treat recipes. Her dedication to providing comprehensive support was truly commendable.

One aspect that stood out was Susan's commitment to creating a supportive community among the participants. She organized a WhatsApp group where we could share our pup's accomplishments or seek guidance when facing challenges. This platform fostered a sense of camaraderie among the dog owners, allowing us to learn from one another's experiences and receive valuable input from Susan herself.

By the end of the 8-week training course, my partner and I were astounded by the progress Winston had made. Not only did he respond promptly to commands, but he also displayed improved behavior and manners. We were so impressed with the results that we promptly signed him up for the advanced puppy course when he reached six months of age. This served as a helpful refresher for Winston and us, reinforcing the foundational teachings and ensuring they remained ingrained in his behavior.

While Winston hasn't yet ventured into the world of agility training, he did show interest during the classes. He particularly enjoyed running through the snake tunnel, hinting at a potential interest in agility training down the line. Central Bark's inclusion of agility training is an exciting prospect for those looking to explore this aspect of dog training.

Overall, Central Bark Dog Training at Whitehouse Farm Stannington, under the guidance of Susan, has exceeded our expectations. The comprehensive training, practical advice, and supportive community have made a significant impact on Winston's behavior and our confidence as dog owners. If you're looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable dog trainer in the area, I highly recommend Central Bark for their exceptional services and commitment to both dogs and their owners.



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