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Embarking on a Lake Como Adventure: Stepping Out of My Holiday Comfort Zone!

Title: Embarking on a Lake Como Adventure: Stepping Out of My Holiday Comfort Zone!

Hey there, fellow travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Buckle up, because I've got a tale of excitement, wedding bells, and a touch of anxiety-inducing DIY holiday planning. Picture this: the stunning shores of Lake Como, Italy, a destination so dreamy it could melt even the coldest of hearts. But wait, there's a twist – I, the champion of package deals, am diving headfirst into the wild world of self-organized travel. What could possibly go wrong, right?

You see, I've always been the kind of traveller who prefers those neat, all-inclusive package deals. You know the ones: flights, accommodation, and a lifeline hotline for when things inevitably go haywire – all bundled up in a tidy little bow. It's simple, convenient, and minimizes my stress to a mere smidgen. But then, out of the blue, comes the news of Sue's sister's wedding in the mesmerizing enclave of Lake Como, Italy. And folks, let me tell you, a three-day wedding extravaganza just isn't enough for such a stunning destination. So, two weeks it is!

Now, as the adrenaline and anticipation for this Italian escapade build, I find myself straying away from my cozy travel bubble. Yep, I'm going rogue, DIY style! With accommodation locked in for the wedding, my to-do list sprouted like a particularly eager sunflower. Flights, pre-wedding lodgings, post-wedding nests, and the ever-important mode of transportation – all suddenly my responsibility. A cacophony of separate bookings and arrangements that feels a tad overwhelming, if I'm being honest.

But come on, who am I to shy away from a challenge, especially when it involves an idyllic jaunt to Lake Como? First things first, flights. Departing from the quaint city of Newcastle, my trusty friend Ryanair has just the ticket – a Saturday morning flight straight to Milan Bergamo airport. And just a breezy one-hour train ride later, I'll be settling into a charming village on Lake Como's picturesque shores, where the wedding festivities await.

Speaking of settling in, have you seen those darling, old-world Italian hotels that ooze charm from every cobblestone? The kind of places where you half-expect to bump into Audrey Hepburn enjoying an espresso on the terrace? Well, those are the very ones I've got my eye on for our pre-wedding exploration of the Lake. It's all so perfect, I can practically hear the accordion music playing in the background.

Now, about that wedding in the middle – cue the heartfelt vows, the teary-eyed speeches, and the joyous celebrations that Italy seems to effortlessly conjure up. And after the confetti settles, it's time for phase two of the adventure. Destination: unknown (kind of). But not to worry, I've got a little Italian town called Bergamo in my sights. It's like a secret gem hiding in plain sight, boasting cosy vibes, train connections aplenty, and all the authenticity you could ever wish for.

The planning process is in full swing, even though I can't lock in those flight dates just yet. But hey, isn't the thrill of anticipation half the fun? I'm embracing this newfound sense of wanderlust-induced chaos. As the pieces slowly fall into place, I promise to keep you updated on my journey from comfort-zone dweller to holiday-planning extraordinaire. Will it be a smooth ride or a rollercoaster of mishaps? Only time will tell, and I can't wait to share the highs and the hilarious lows with you all.

So, stay tuned, my fellow adventurers, and let's see if this package-deal aficionado has what it takes to wrangle flights, accommodations, and Italian trains like a pro. Lake Como, here I come – one self-organized step at a time! 🇮🇹✈️🏞️


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