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Family Visit - The Town Wall

Gather 'round, fellow adventurers of the dining world, as I regale you with a tale of our recent family escapade to bid adieu to the globe-trotting duo, Andrew and Julie. Our chosen destination for this farewell fiesta was none other than The Town Wall in the heart of Newcastle – a spot with more charm than a pocketful of lucky pennies.

The decision to rendezvous at The Town Wall was a strategic one. Conveniently located near the Newcastle central train station, it was a prime choice to give our jet-setters a grand send-off. But there was an additional factor that swayed us towards this establishment – its coveted "dog friendly" status. Now, let me clarify, our own dear Winston is still learning the ropes of restaurant etiquette, but Sue's sister had a furry companion in tow – the illustrious Doug, a golden retriever with a penchant for tail-wagging grand entrances.

The Town Wall's dog-friendly credentials were on full display as they rolled out the red carpet for Doug. A bowl of refreshing water and a pot of treats fit for a canine connoisseur were promptly presented, garnering Doug's paw of approval and earning The Town Wall a wagging endorsement in the realm of pet-friendly establishments.

Now, as any self-respecting gastronome would do, it's only fair that I weigh in on the edible offerings as well. A bevy of beverages adorned the menu, and being the designated driver, I plunged into the realm of non-alcoholic beers, a choice that The Town Wall had in abundance. For those seeking the frothy delights of hops without the dizzying aftermath, this place had you covered.

Gastropub, they proclaim, and while I can't help but raise an eyebrow at the term, I must admit their culinary creations did elevate the dining experience beyond the mundane. Sue, in her adventurous spirit, opted for the homemade vegan pie. Now, brace yourselves for this one – the pie's entrancing filling was an ensemble of cabbage and vegan hot dog fragments. A masterpiece of resourcefulness, or perhaps an avant-garde culinary experiment? Either way, it was a twist on the norm that tickled our taste buds in unexpected ways.

My own choice was of the more classic variety – haddock and chips. The dish arrived with tantalizing allure – thick-cut, homey chips and a formidable piece of fish that boasted a rather hearty batter. The only gripe? The batter seemed to dominate the fish, leaving me craving more of that oceanic delight. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, the dish held its own – a solid option, if slightly on the splurge side, though, truth be told, what isn't these days?

As we clinked glasses, shared stories, and revelled in the moment, I couldn't help but feel that The Town Wall had provided us with more than just nourishment for the body. It had infused our gathering with a quirky charm and an endearing sense of hospitality that left us with satisfied palates and hearts full of warm memories. So, here's to The Town Wall, a place where even cabbage-filled pies and fish-batter debates become the stuff of cherished anecdotes. Until the next culinary escapade, my friends! 🍻

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