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Getting Around in Prague

So, we are off to Prague in a week or so, and I have been researching how to get about in this city, from walking, trams to their underground, this is what I have found our.

Getting around on Prague's underground (Metro) is quite straightforward! Here's a breakdown:

Lines and stations:

  • The network consists of three lines: Green (A), Yellow (B), and Red (C).

  • There are 61 stations in total, covering most of the city.

  • The lines intersect at three central stations: Můstek (A & B), Muzeum (A & C), and Florenc (B & C).

  • Most stations have a single platform with trains running on both sides (one each direction).

Tickets and validation:

  • You need a valid ticket to travel.

  • Tickets can be purchased from orange ticket machines in stations and on trams and buses.

  • Multiple ticket types are available, including single tickets, passes for different durations (30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours, etc.), and group tickets.

  • Validate your ticket within the yellow machines upon entering the station platform area.

Finding your way:

  • Maps are available at station entrances and on platforms, showing the entire network and nearby landmarks.

  • Announcements and digital displays at stations indicate the direction of the next train.

  • Most signs and station names are in both Czech and English.


  • During peak hours (7:00-9:00 AM and 4:00-6:00 PM), it can get crowded, especially on the Green line.

  • Be aware of pickpockets in crowded areas.

  • Hold onto the handrails on the train, especially during braking.

  • Some stations may not have escalators or elevators, so consider accessibility if needed.

Additional resources:

Using Prague's tram system is quite straightforward, but here's a guide to help you navigate your journey:

Planning your trip:

  1. Know where you're going and coming from: Figure out your starting and ending points. There are many tram lines and they weave through the city, so understanding your route beforehand will be helpful.

  2. Choose a ticket: Tickets are valid for all public transport (metro, trams, buses) and come in various durations (30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours, etc.). Consider your travel timeframe and purchase accordingly.

  3. Find your route: Use the Prague Public Transport website ( or mobile app. Enter your starting and ending points, and it will show you the best tram route with real-time arrival times. You can also use Google Maps with public transport directions.

Boarding and riding:

  1. Purchase your ticket: You can buy tickets from orange ticket machines inside trams and buses, at metro stations, or at major tram and bus stops. Most machines accept contactless credit cards, mobile devices, and sometimes cash.

  2. Validate your ticket: Once you have your ticket, validate it immediately by stamping it at the yellow validation machines near the doors. Unvalidated tickets are invalid, and inspectors can issue fines.

  3. Board the tram: Wait at the designated stop platform and board when the tram arrives. Watch out for closing doors!

  4. Find a seat or hold on: During peak hours, trams can get crowded. If there are no seats, hold on to a bar or strap to maintain your balance.

  5. Announcing stops: Most trams announce upcoming stops in Czech and sometimes English. Look for the stop names displayed inside the tram as well.

  6. Exiting the tram: Press the button near the door before your stop to signal your intention to get off. Exit through the designated doors at your stop.

Additional tips:

  • Night trams (lines 91-99) operate from midnight to 5:00 AM with departures every 20-30 minutes. They connect key points in the city center.

  • Some stops have connections to the metro. Look for the =M= sign at the stop.

  • Be mindful of pickpockets, especially on crowded trams. Keep your valuables close and be aware of your surroundings.

  • Download the PID Lítačka app for mobile ticketing and journey planning.

  • If you need help, don't hesitate to ask other passengers or tram staff. Most people are happy to help.

Have a pleasant journey on Prague's tram system!

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