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Just a few of the MANY things to do in Funchal / Madeira !

Here is a list of ajust some of the sightseeing attractions in Funchal, Madeira:

  • Monte Palace Tropical Garden: This beautiful garden is located on a hilltop overlooking Funchal and offers stunning views of the city and the ocean. The garden is home to a variety of plants and flowers from all over the world, as well as a lake, waterfalls, and grottoes.

  • Madeira Botanical Garden: This garden is the largest botanical garden in Portugal and is home to a collection of over 2,500 plants from all over the world. The garden is divided into different sections, including a Japanese garden, a rose garden, and a succulent garden.

  • CR7 Museum: This museum is dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world's most famous football players.The museum is home to a collection of Ronaldo's trophies, memorabilia, and wax figures.

  • Funchal Farmers Market: This market is a great place to try local Madeiran food and drink. The market is open every day from 7am to 2pm and is home to a variety of stalls selling fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, and flowers.

  • São Tiago Fort: This fort was built in the 17th century to protect Funchal from pirates. The fort is now home to the Contemporary Art Museum of Madeira.

  • Sé Cathedral: This cathedral is the oldest church in Funchal and was built in the 15th century. The cathedral is worth seeing for its beautiful Gothic architecture and its carved wooden ceiling.

  • Palheiro Gardens: These gardens are located on the outskirts of Funchal and are home to a variety of plants and flowers, as well as a lake, waterfalls, and a palace.

  • Teleférico da Madeira: This cable car takes you up to Monte, a village located on a hilltop overlooking Funchal.The cable car ride offers stunning views of the city and the ocean.

  • Blandy's Wine Lodge: This is one of the oldest wineries in Madeira and is a great place to learn about the history of Madeira wine and to do some wine tasting.

  • Cabo Girão: This is the highest sea cliff in Europe and offers stunning views of the ocean. There is a skywalk at the top of the cliff that allows you to walk out over the ocean.

  • Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools: These natural swimming pools are located on the north coast of Madeira and are a great place to take a dip in the ocean.

  • Levada walks: Levadas are irrigation channels that criss-cross the island of Madeira. There are many levada walks that you can do, which offer stunning views of the scenery.

  • Whale and dolphin watching: Madeira is a great place to go whale and dolphin watching. There are many boat tours that you can take that will take you out to sea in search of these magnificent creatures.

Hidden Gems:

  • Santa Clara Convent: Step into a hidden oasis within the bustling city. This serene convent boasts beautiful gardens, a tile-adorned cloister, and a fascinating museum showcasing religious artifacts and sacred art.

  • Quinta das Cruzes: Immerse yourself in the history of Madeiran nobility at this 15th-century manor house.Explore the elegant rooms decorated with period furniture and antiques, wander through the charming gardens, and discover the hidden chapel adorned with azulejos tiles.

  • CR7 Lido Complex: Channel your inner athlete at this modern sports complex dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo. Try your hand at various sports, including bowling, go-karting, or football, and immerse yourself in the Ronaldo fan experience.

  • Vila Baleira Theater: Catch a glimpse into Funchal's vibrant live entertainment scene. This historic theater stages a variety of performances, from traditional Madeiran folk music to modern plays and concerts.

Thrilling Experiences:

  • Funchal Paragliding: Soar above the city like a bird and witness Funchal unfold beneath you from a breathtaking perspective. Feel the adrenaline rush as you glide through the air, taking in the panoramic views of the coastline and mountains.

  • Jeep Safari: Embark on a rugged adventure through Madeira's off-road trails. Explore hidden villages, traverse picturesque landscapes, and discover the island's natural beauty from a different angle. This is a perfect way to escape the city and experience the wild side of Madeira.

  • Caving at São Vicente Caves: Delve into the mysterious underworld of volcanic caves. Explore the labyrinthine tunnels adorned with lava formations and discover hidden pools and waterfalls. This is an unforgettable adventure for spelunkers and adrenaline seekers.

  • Santana Traditional Village: Take a step back in time to this charming village known for its colorful triangular houses thatched with straw. Wander through the cobbled streets, browse local crafts, and experience the authentic Madeiran village life.

Unforgettable Culinary Delights:

  • Madeiran Cooking Class: Learn the secrets of traditional Madeiran cuisine in a hands-on cooking class. Master the art of making bolo do caco (flatbread), espada com manteiga de alho (scabbard fish with garlic butter), and other local delicacies.

  • Wine Tasting Tour: Embark on a journey through Madeira's renowned winemaking region. Visit different wineries, learn about the unique production process, and indulge in tastings of various vintages. Pair your experience with delicious local cheeses and snacks.

  • Sunset Dinner Cruise: Savor a delicious meal aboard a boat while enjoying the magical sunset over the Funchal Bay. Witness the sky ablaze with colors as you cruise along the coastline, creating a truly unforgettable dining experience.

  • Mercado dos Lavradores Food Tour: Get lost in the vibrant world of the Funchal Farmers Market. Join a guided food tour and discover the diverse local ingredients, sample exotic fruits and cheeses, and learn about Madeiran culinary traditions.

Remember, this is just a glimpse into the endless possibilities that Funchal offers. Whether you seek hidden gems,thrilling adventures, or delectable culinary experiences, this charming city has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, embrace the island spirit, and get ready to discover the magic of Funchal!



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