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Well, folks, it's that time again – Winston needs a new bed!

Well, folks, it's that time again – Winston needs a new bed! As you can see from the pics, he has most definitely outgrown his old one. Now, when it comes to dog beds, Winston is quite the discerning bulldog. He has his preferences, and of course, Sue and I have our own criteria based on practicality and ease of care.

First things first, Winston prefers a soft plush bed. He's all about that comfort, and he's got a thing for removable bottoms because, well, he likes to hide his treasures in there – classic Winston move! He's also a fan of beds with high sides, creating a cosy little pillow for his big, heavy head. Apart from that, he's a happy pup.

Now, our requirements for Winston's new bed are a bit more practical. It absolutely must be washable. If you've seen some of his Instagram posts, you know he can get quite muddy during our adventures! We also need a bed with a non-slip base since it'll be placed in our kitchen on a hardwood floor, and we don't want it sliding around like a sledge. And one more thing, it's got to be big enough to accommodate any more growing Winston might do.

So the search began, and let me tell you, there are countless dog bed variations out there, from basic to downright mini beds (seriously, who needs a bed that tiny?). We were aiming for something right in the middle of the road.

I scoured all the usual spots – pet shops, online retailers, and even places like Wayfair (who knew they had hundreds of choices?). But in the end, I think I found what we're looking for on Amazon. Trusty Amazon, with its free next-day delivery (if you're not a Prime member, check out the link below for a free 30-day trial). The bed we found meets both our requirements, except for one tiny detail – it doesn't have a loose bottom. But hey, if that means it'll keep Winston from hoarding bones and treats for his midnight snacks, it's not such a bad thing!

I'll be placing the order today, and once it arrives, I'll be sure to write up a review for you all. Stay tuned for that, and you'll find the links at the bottom of this blog. Until then, wish us luck on our quest for Winston's perfect new bed! 😄🐾 #DogBedHunt #WinstonTheBulldog #AmazonFind

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