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About Us

Hi let me introduce ourselves, I am Mal, a passionate travel blogger, accompanied by my wife Sue, and our trusty four-legged companion, Winston (or occasionally his adorable friend, Little Winston). Together, we embark on exciting  journeys across the Uk and abroad, exploring awe-inspiring destinations, indulging in tantalizing cuisines, and sharing our unique perspectives on travel, food, and everything in between.

We believe that every destination has its own story to tell, and we make it our mission to unravel the tales hidden within the vibrant streets, stunning landscapes, and captivating cultures we encounter along the way.

As avid food enthusiasts, we seize every opportunity to savor the flavors of various cuisines. From mouthwatering street food to luxurious fine dining experiences, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to tantalize our taste buds and discover culinary gems that make our travels even more memorable.

If you are curious about local traditions and customs, or simply just want to know the food of the regions, we're here to give our opinions and reviews.

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