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Privacy Policy

**Privacy Policy for Bulldog Travel**

Hey there, fellow wanderer! I'm Mal, the mind behind Bulldog Travel. Privacy matters to me just as much as discovering new travel spots with Winston, my trusty bulldog. So, here's the scoop on how we handle your info:

**1. What We Collect**

We only collect info that helps us make Bulldog Travel even better for you. This includes:

- **Cookies:** Not the chocolate-chip kind, but small files that help us understand your preferences and improve your browsing experience.
- **Personal Info:** We might ask for your name and email if you want to subscribe to our pawsome newsletter. Don't worry; we won't share this info with anyone else.

**2. How We Use It**

Your info is like a secret map to make our website pawsitively amazing:

- **Cookies:** We use these to track your browsing habits and tailor content to your interests.
- **Personal Info:** Your name and email are safe with us. We'll only use them to send you our latest blog posts and updates. No spam, pinky promise!

**3. Third-Party Links**

Sometimes, we share affiliate links for cool pet products or travel gear. Just remember, once you click those links, you're on another site. Their privacy policies apply there.

**4. Security**

We've got a digital leash on your info, making sure it stays safe. But remember, no method of online transmission is 100% secure. So, browse wisely.

**5. Updates**

We might fetch some new features or change our privacy policy. When we do, we'll let you know.

**6. Questions?**

If you've got any questions or just want to say hi, drop me a bone at

Remember, Bulldog Travel is all about fun and adventure, and your privacy is a big deal to us. Thanks for being part of our pack!

Safe travels,
Mal and Winston 🐾


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